Razer Blade – 17” Neoprene Sleeve


Your Razer Blade gaming laptop is your best friend on-the-go, letting you dominate deathmatches and take-down tournaments with ease. Protect it with the soft yet highly durable Neoprene Sleeve.

It’s designed to provide a snug fit for the 17” Razer Blade, and made of lightweight materials for ease of carrying. Neoprene on the outside, waterproof tarpaulin on the spine for extra reinforcement, and 8mm of interior protective foam padding ensure your Razer Blade is armored for your exciting life on the go.


Padded Protection
Walk easy in the day, and sleep easy at night when your Razer Blade is snugly protected from scratches and bangs by 8mm of interior protective foam within the Neoprene Sleeve.


Easy to Carry
The tarpaulin reinforced spine gives the Neoprene Sleeve structure to make it easier to carry your Razer Blade. The neoprene outer covering makes it easier for holding in hand too.


        Waterproof tarpaulin for extra reinforcement
        Padded interior
        Made from highly durable neoprene

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