It’s time to get tough and secure your keys to victory with the Razer PBT Keycap Upgrade Set. Designed to endure the most intense gaming, these doubleshot PBT keycaps aren’t here to win one battle—they’re here to win the war.


Harder and more durable than ABS or PVC, PBT is a high-grade thermoplastic that gives the keycaps a sturdy, textured look and feel that won’t wear down to a shiny finish. Crafted with extra-thick walls, they are well equipped to handle extreme use and produce more satisfying keystrokes because of their solid build. Available in 4 different colors.


Using our unique doubleshot precision molding process, the keycap labels are fade-resistant and have the thinnest font ever produced on PBT keycaps. They are also designed to be backlight compatible, and work best with our keyboards’ Razer Chroma RGB lighting.


The Razer PBT Keycap Upgrade Set works with Razer and standard 104/105 key US or UK layouts, and comes with 120 doubleshot PBT keycaps and additional stabilizers for optical and mechanical keyboards.

  • Black
  • Green
  • Quartz
  • Mercury

Tech Specs

At a Glance

  • Superior PBT material
  • Doubleshot molding with ultra-thin font
  • Works with US/UK keyboard layouts

Tech Specs

  • Shine-resistant PBT material
  • Backlight compatible
  • Fits all Razer mechanical and optical keyboards
  • Fits all cross-shaped axis (Cherry-style) switches
  • Fits both Razer and standard 104/105 key US and UK layouts
  • Includes mechanical and optical keyboard stabilizers
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Will these keycaps fit the switches on my keyboard?

These keycaps will fit all Razer mechanical and optical keyboards and should also fit any Cherry-style switches from other brands.

What keycap layout is provided?

There are 120 keycaps included in the package and they cover either US (ANSI/104) Layout, or the UK (ISO/105) Layout.

I have a backlit keyboard. Will the lighting be able to shine through the fonts?

Yes. The fonts are translucent and will allow lights from the keyboard to shine through.

Does the package include stabilizers for my keyboard?

Yes. We have included enough stabilizers for a full-sized Razer mechanical and optical keyboard. They may also be compatible with keyboards from other manufacturers.