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Razer provides a wide range of gaming and music audio solutions including headsets, headphones, earphones and speakers, all of which are designed to deliver exceptional audio quality and to arm you with the tactical advantage.


At Razer, design is everything to us. We go through numerous prototyping stages to ensure that our audio products not only look and feel good, but are also capable of producing a pristine audio experience for our listeners. Razer’s signature design is immediately recognizable and utilizes a common design language across our audio range. Going into every Razer audio product are countless cycles of listening to driver samples, frequency fine-tuning, and head-ergonomics testing in order to ensure that our audio products are engineered to be the perfect fit for your gaming and music needs.


Regardless of your preferences of use case or style, we have the right audio solution for you.



We are always at the forefront of cutting-edge technology. With a team of highly skilled audio engineers, developers dedicated to finding the perfect frequency balance, and an ergonomics group devoted to creating the most comfortable audio products, we are constantly striving to achieve the best gaming and music audio immersion experience. Be it wired or wireless, at Razer we focus on stereo audio and pinpoint positional surround sound.



Razer stereo audio solutions produce pristine audio through two high quality drivers attuned for gaming and music. Choose to connect via analog for pure audio or USB for digital features like game enhancing equalizers or lighting effects.


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Surround Sound

Razer headsets featuring virtual surround sound use built-in audio processing technology to create surround sound through two drivers. Discrete surround sound is created through individual drivers and connected via separate analog jacks for true positional audio.


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Our dedicated range of console headsets for the Xbox 360 provides wireless audio in stereo or surround sound. Licensed Razer gaming headsets enhance the gaming experience with special game specific features.


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