Take your competitive advantage to the next level and exert true console dominance with the Razer Kaira for Xbox—an Xbox Series X|S wireless headset that offers superior audio immersion with our most powerful drivers ever, and crystal-clear voice comms with the best headset mic we’ve ever designed.

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Our all-new patented design allows our engineers to custom tune each driver as though there are three—allowing for the individual replications of high, mid and low audio frequencies to deliver richer trebles, brighter sound and powerful bass.

The Razer Kaira for Xbox also includes titanium-coated diaphragms, giving added clarity to any vocals you hear so that any comms you receive is always crisp and clear.


Offering greater speech pickup and noise cancellation, the bendable mic on this Xbox Series X|S wireless headset has an optimized microphone housing which adopts a more open design for minimal obstruction—resulting in improved clarity for a closer recreation of your voice.


To keep you in peak form during gaming marathons, our new breathable weave minimizes sweat and heat build-up generated by skin contact, while the ultra-soft foam’s improved density greatly reduces the headset’s clamping force.


Located on the right earcup, hold down the button to pair your headset easily, and press it twice to cycle through 4 EQ settings—such as FPS Mode that enhances in-game audio like enemy footsteps, and Bass Mode to amplify low frequency sounds.


Do away with complicated setups and wireless dongles. This Xbox Series X|S wireless headset provides a direct, low-latency connection to the console, with a great signal range that supports seamless couch gaming.


Experience lifelike surround sound that allows the headset to place audio with pinpoint accuracy, heightening your in-game awareness for a competitive edge and truly immersive experience.


Supported by the Razer™ Headset Setup for Xbox app, get it sounding exactly the way you want with access to deeper audio customization options such as personal EQ presets, mic monitoring, and more.


AAuto-adjusting headband
BFlowKnit memory foam ear cushions
CEQ / Xbox Pairing button
DGame / Chat balance wheel
EBendable Razer™ HyperClear cardioid mic
FMic mute switch
GVolume wheel
HStatus Indicator
IPower button
JCharging port
Xbox Wireless Xbox Wireless and Bluetooth 5.0
Bendable Razer™ HyperClear Cardioid Mic Detachable Razer™ HyperClear Supercardioid Mic
Dedicated mobile mic
Razer™ TriForce Titanium 50mm Drivers Razer™ TriForce Titanium 50mm Drivers
FlowKnit memory foam ear cushions FlowKnit memory foam ear cushions
Windows Sonic Windows Sonic
On-earcup audio controls On-earcup audio controls
Battery life: Up to 15 hours Battery life: Up to 15 hours (with Chroma Lighting) / 20 hours (without Chroma Lighting)
Approx. 293g Approx. 330g
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Tech Specs

  1. At a Glance
    • Razer™ TriForce Titanium 50mm Drivers for high-end audio performance
    • Razer™ HyperClear Cardioid Mic for enhanced voice clarity
    • FlowKnit memory foam ear cushions for long-lasting comfort
    • EQ toggle and Xbox pairing button for EQ preset toggling and easy connection
    • Xbox Wireless for seamless, low-latency connectivity
  2. Headphones
    • Frequency response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
    • Impedance: 32Ω at 1 kHz
    • Sensitivity (@1 kHz): 108 dB
    • Drivers: 50 mm, with Neodymium magnets
    • Inner ear cup diameter: Width 56mm / Length 67mm
    • Oval ear cushions: Designed for full-ear coverage with heat-transfer fabric, perfect for long-wearing comfort
    • Connection type: Direct to Xbox / via Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10
    • Wireless range: 10 m / 30 ft
    • Wireless frequency: 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz
    • Battery life: Up to 15 hours
  3. Microphone
    • Frequency response: 100 – 10,000 Hz
    • Signal-to-noise ratio: > 60 dB
    • Sensitivity (@1 kHz): -54 ± 3 dB
    • Pick-up pattern: Unidirectional
  4. Product Requirements
    • Xbox One / Xbox One S / Xbox One X/ Xbox Series X|S
    • PC (Windows 10 or higher) *
      *May require Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows 10 (not included/ Sold Separately)


  • Does the Razer Kaira support noise cancellation?

    The Razer Kaira does not have active noise cancellation but is equipped with ear cushions designed to provide improved sound isolation and comfort.

  • What is Game/Chat Balance?

    The Game/Chat Balance wheel on the headset allows you to customize how loud your game audio is compared to your team chat audio, so you get the perfect audio mix of both.

  • Can multiple Razer Kaira headsets be connected to the Xbox Series X at the same time?

    Yes, you can connect up to 4 Razer Kaira headsets to the gaming console at once.

  • How do I customize audio for the Razer Kaira?

    To access EQ presets, mic features, and more, you must first download and install the Razer Headset Setup for Xbox app (via Microsoft Store) to your gaming console or PC.

  • Will the Razer Kaira work with my Bluetooth devices and PC?

    The Razer Kaira does not work with Bluetooth devices as it does not have Bluetooth connectivity nor a 3.5mm analog jack. It does however work with PC (Windows 10 and above) via an Xbox Wireless Adapter (sold separately).

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