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Let there be Light
Whether you’ve got the lights turned down low for total game immersion or so you don’t disturb your roommate, the backlighting on Razer keyboards ensures you never miss a key in the dark.

What’s more, on the Razer DeathStalker Ultimate and the Razer Anansi gaming keyboards you can customize the specific backlighting color to your personal preference. Whether it’s shocking pink, deep purple, or ultraviolet blue – this keyboard is yours and yours alone.
Keep Macros Super Simple
Serious gamers know the value of macros – simplifying long, complex sequences of commands in-game to the touch of a single keystroke. Setting up a macro is really easy on a Razer keyboard.
Additional macro keys
Some Razer keyboards like the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate are designed with additional macro keys along the left that are easily programmable and within quick reach. This way, you never have to mess up any key binds on the keyboard itself, and be assured you have all the commands you need close at hand.
On-the-fly macro recording
Get that spark of genius in the midst of combat for a new macro but don’t have the time to alt-tab to set it up? No sweat, Razer keyboards come with on-the-fly macro recording so all you have to do is press the Record button, execute your desired sequence of actions and keystrokes once, and then press the Record button again to save. Then bind it to any key to use at your disposal for devastating effect.
More fun ways to see and touch the game
The Razer Switchblade User Interface on the Razer DeathStalker Ultimate is a revolutionary new way to enjoy your games. It features ten Dynamic Adaptive Tactile Keys and a Multi-touch LCD Track-panel. The ten keys let you program hotkeys, macros and specific in-game commands for more control at your fingertips. Customizable iconography on all the keys ensure you know what keys you’re pressing at all times.
Multi-touch LCD Track-panel
The Multi-touch LCD Track-panel functions as a highly sensitive trackpad or can present secondary information like mini-maps, inventory loadouts, stats, and much more, right from the games you’re playing. With its crisp clear smartphone quality display, you’ll enjoy seeing more of your game on your Razer keyboard.

Razer works closely with game developers to continually develop new custom Switchblade UI layouts specific to their games and software.
Integrated apps
The Switchblade UI can also run integrated apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Gmail. Get stuck on a level, watch a walkthrough on YouTube, or even browse the Internet for tips, without ever having to Alt-Tab out of the game.
With full gesture support, navigating not just your games but your entire computer is as easy as a pinch and flick of fingers.
All your settings are belong to
the cloud
Configure all your Razer keyboard settings on Razer Synapse 2.0 and have it saved automatically to the cloud. Have to use a new keyboard at a LAN tournament? Or purchase a second keyboard for your office? No problem, download all your saved settings onto the new device, so you’re ready for battle instantaneously. No more fuss setting up meticulous key binds from scratch.

That’s not all, Razer Synapse 2.0 downloads driver and firmware updates for your Razer devices automatically, so your products are always in optimum condition for winning.
If it’s in the game, it’s on the
If there’s a type of game you play most often, whether it’s RTS, FPS, MMO, or RPG, you’d want your peripherals to have killer features to put you at an unfair advantage over your enemies.

The Razer Anansi keyboard features a specific innovation for total control in MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games. Its 7 thumb modifier keys expand the number of possible skills in your hotbar for more ways to devastate the competition.
Nothing feels more exciting than watching as your character dodges out of the way of enemy fire as soon as your finger hits the strafe key. Razer keyboards are designed to respond to every touch accurately and instantly to keep you on top of the game.
Data transfer so fast, enemies can’t keep up
All Razer keyboards feature Hyperesponse technology meaning that as soon as you hit a key, it’ll be executed as a command on-screen. We take the processing workload for keyboard inputs away from the computer, so there is zero lag in game response time. Enemies are downed before they can even react.
Mechanical or Membrane, It’s finger touching good.
The parts of your body that spends the most time with the keyboard are your fingers. And as such, how good your fingers feel as you game is very important.

Razer keyboards are designed in two different key infrastructures.
Mechanical keyboards have keys that deliver a distinctive tactile feedback to your fingertips in the form of pronounced taps. Ever used a typewriter where each key pressed seemed to bounce back up at you? Well that’s exactly what a mechanical keyboard feels like too.

Gamers enjoy this kind of keyboard because it gives them a feeling of assurance that their commands are being executed exactly. Each key also requires less force to actuate (45 – 50g) for blazing fast in-game responsiveness.
Membrane keyboards use an infrastructure in which all the keys sit on a membrane web beneath the board. Gamers enjoy this kind of keyboard because of its slim keycaps that allow fingers to travel quicker across the keys, and each key press responds with a soft, cushioned touch.
Razer Keyboards are ghost-busting
If you press all your fingers down on a piano, what you’d get is 10 keys ringing out at once. That’s what an effective anti-ghosted keyboard does too – it ensures that every key you press registers simultaneously and accurately in-game. For instance, if you were to run diagonally and melee an opponent (pressing W, A, and F together), non-gaming keyboards may not be able to carry out those actions as a result of hardware limitation.

All Razer keyboards come with some form of anti-ghosting, whether it is a simple matrix cluster of keys, up to 10 key rollover, or best of all, full anti-ghosting.
Ride into the gaming zone
Strip away all distractions and focus fully on the game, when you can disable the Windows key. You’ll never miss a crucial in-game moment if you’re not accidentally switching out to the desktop.
Everything you need close at hand
Never reach behind a monitor, speakers, or desktop again to plug in storage devices or headsets when your keyboard features audio-out/mic-in ports, as well as a USB pass-through.
Multimedia controls
Razer keyboards make it incredibly simple to press play, pause, fast forward, rewind on your favorite movies and music.
Braided fiber cables
Some Razer keyboards feature braided fiber USB cables for longer lasting durability.
Reach out to your games, we’ve got your back (or fingers)
We’ve put ergonomic scientists to work finding out the different ways our hands curve over the keys, and how far our fingers would naturally extend from their original resting positions. With this information, we then optimized keycap height and space exactly for optimal actuations.

We never want gamers to strain especially during marathon gaming sessions. The only thing you’ll ever have to reach out for is gaming greatness
Palm rest
Almost all Razer keyboards* are designed with a palm rest, so your wrists are supported as you WASD your way to victory, or stay up all night typing out that comprehensive ninety page strategy plan for your clan’s next tournament.

*not including the Razer BlackWidow series.
Adjustable hand, thumb, palm-rest
The Razer Orbweaver mechanical gaming keypad features rest modules that mold to the shape of your hand, thumb, and palm. Your fingers are always in the perfect position to hit all the keys, without feeling a single ounce of strain, whether in the first or tenth hour of gaming. The best part is, it is all adjustable to suit the different hand sizes and shapes of every gamer out there. It feels like a snugly fit glove.







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