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Razer Gigantus
Razer Gigantus Elite Edition
Razer Gigantus Special Black edition
Razer Gigantus Special Black edition
Razer Gigantus Team Razer edition
Razer Gigantus Team Razer edition
razer gigantus mat size

Ultra large mat area designed for low-sense mouse swipers

When you’re in the thick of battle, it’s frustrating to have your movement be limited by the size of your mouse mat. Substantially larger than the average mouse mat, the Razer Gigantus provides you with ample space to maneuver especially when you play on a low sensitivity setting, reducing the need to lift and reposition your mouse between swipes.

Optimized gaming surface, engineered for speed and control

The Razer Gigantus has been engineered to provide you with a smooth glide and adequate stopping power, so you get the best of both worlds on the battlefield. Free from elevations or depressions, the flat cloth surface of this next level gaming mouse mat is optimized for highly responsive tracking, giving you increased accuracy that meets the needs of esports athletes.

Enhanced thickness for surface consistency

With 5 mm thick high density foam and a rubberized base, the Razer Gigantus stays firmly in place, even over imperfect surfaces, providing a reliable foundation for consistent mouse movements.


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  • Ultra large size for low DPI gameplay
  • Textured cloth finish for perfect balance between speed and control gameplay
  • Dense foam with rubberized base for optimal comfort
  • Anti-fray stitching (On Razer Gigantus Elite Edition and Razer Gigantus Black Edition)
  • Approximate size: 455 mm / 17.9 in (L) x 455 mm / 17.9 in (W) x 5 mm / 0.2 in (H)
  • Approximate weight: 617 g / 1.4 lbs

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