Razer Megasoma 2 – Hybrid Gaming Mouse Mat

Revolutionary hybrid soft/hard mat
The Razer Megasoma 2 improves on its predecessor’s incredible innovation to deliver the precision of a hard mat, with the comfort of a soft one. New methods of construction provide a highly stable and yet exquisitely soft silicon surface that minimizes physical mouse jitters for a more consistent gaming performance.
New anti-static and anti-fraying design
The anti-static treated top-layer of the Razer Megasoma 2 ensures mice used with this mat remain free of electric discharge over extensive use . The edges have also been redesigned to prevent fraying , giving the mat longer lasting durability.
Specialized texture design for increased precision
The Razer Megasoma 2’s surface has a proprietary texture that delivers the right degree of resistance for exacting mouse control. For gamers who need assured precision to pull off headshots quickly and efficiently, look no further.

  • Hybrid silicon soft/hard mat for consistent performance
  • Specialized texture design for controlled precision
  • Durable anti-static, anti-fraying design
  • Flexible and highly portable
  • Soft cushioning feel for extended comfort
  • Approximate size:
    width: 230 mm / 9.06”
    length: 350 mm / 13.79”
    height: 2.3 mm / 0.09”
  • Approximate weight: 250 g / 0.55 lbs



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