Battlefield 4™ Razer iPhone 5 Protection Case - Gaming Cases & Covers

Get peace of mind when your smartphone is armored in a heavy-duty silicone protection case. Rough weather and the everyday shocks of life have nothing on your high-tech communications and entertainment device.
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Heavy-duty silicone for heavy-duty protection
Designed with industrial-strength silicone, your armored smartphone is just like you – hardcore and ready to take on all of life’s hard knocks.
Rubberized finish and design for better grip
The protection case’s special rubberized design ensures your beloved smartphone stays firmly in your grip even in the thick of action.
Exclusive Battlefield 4™ Design
  • Heavy duty silicone to protect your iPhone 5 from the elements
  • Rubberized finish for better grip
  • Exclusive Battlefield 4™ Design


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