Designed for Pure Enjoyment

Meet the Razer Nommo – full range speakers for all your entertainment.


For the everyday gamer, music lover, or film junkie, you need a pair of speakers that are unobtrusive and pack real audio punch. This was exactly what we kept in mind when building the Razer Nommo. With components that optimize sound in a sleek body, you get the quintessential all-in-one speakers that fit perfectly into the rest of your setup—all for your daily enjoyment.

Made for Full Range Sound

  1. Custom Woven Glass Fiber
    The drivers are made using Custom Woven Glass Fiber—incredibly stiff and durable for consistent, solid sound that doesn’t degrade over time.
  2. Deeper Mids and Lows
    Each driver is lined with rigid rubber lines to help drive deeper mid- to low-range sound.
  3. Bigger Sound
    With 3 inches of pure power, each driver produces higher sound pressure to pump out bigger, empowering sound.
  4. Tuned for Your Needs
    The Nommo chipset is tuned for higher clarity for intense cinematic games and makes everything from EDM to rock music sound absolutely riveting.

Game with Accurate Positional Awareness

Kick aural senses up a notch with true left and right stereo imaging. Whether it’s zeroing in on exactly where your enemy is or deftly locating the direction of every gunshot, you’ll always be a step ahead. True stereo imaging also means you get tighter bass without low end hums or rumbles.

Optimized Design

  1. Cylindrical Form
    Each Nommo Satellite is long and cylindrical which helps with air flow being channelled to its rear facing bass ports for improved bass response and reduced distortion at higher volumes.
  2. Wide Base
    Each satellite features a wide base for complete stability at higher volumes to retain the integrity of sound.
  3. Bass Control
    A bass knob with automatic gain produces clean even bass. It also adjusts EQ settings for boosted clarity at lower bass levels, and balanced highs and lows at higher bass levels.


Razer Nommo

Features a 3.5 mm jack to fit all PC setups.

Razer Nommo Chroma

Features a USB connection for consistent audio quality and ensures full Razer Chroma lighting control.

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