Razer Brand Protection Policy

From Razer’s inception, our unwavering focus on enabling an immersive gaming experience through our suite of connected devices and software has evolved into a leading gamer lifestyle brand that stands testament to our mission statement “For Gamers. By GamersTM”. The Razer logo and trademarks are our invaluable assets: they are protected by applicable trade mark, copyright and other relevant intellectual property laws. We take the protection of our brands very seriously, so that you can remain confident that your Razer product is genuine and continue to enjoy our products at the highest levels.

This Policy is to provide our partners, customers, affiliates, licensees, developers, consultants, vendors, and other third parties with a confidential way to report infringement and counterfeits. As our customer or business partner, we recognize that you are an extremely valuable means of defence in our efforts to protect the Razer brand and trademarks. Below are guidelines that are designed to help you identify unauthorized use of our trademarks and a means for reporting brand and trademark violations.

1. What are our protected trademarks?

Our house brands and slogan:


Our logo:

2. Examples of unauthorised use of the Razer brand and trademark

  • Physical infringements
    • Counterfeits, whether high or low quality; or
    • Refurbished or RMA product.
  • Online
    • Hyperlinks to marketplace listings of suspected counterfeits;
    • Hyperlinks to software downloads of our proprietary software;
    • Hyperlinks to software downloads but offering malware instead;
    • Social media pages infringing copyright in our official site and/or product photos; or
    • Cybersquatters who use RAZER + word in their domain names and unauthorized websites

3. Information required when reporting a brand violation

If you come across online marketplaces, auction sites, websites, retail stores or advertisements in printed form that you suspect to be selling counterfeit Razer products, software or apparel, or misusing our Razer logo and associated trademarks, please report this to us. We will need the following information:

Someone else

We encourage you to provide us with as much detail as possible as Razer’s ability to investigate the infringement will depend largely on the quality and details of the information you provide.

4. What happens after I submit this information?

Razer will carry out its own investigations to verify the information you sent. Razer may contact you for further clarification on the information you submitted. The information you provide may be passed on to our investigators or attorneys for further action against suspected counterfeiters.

5. Will the information I submitted, and my personal information be kept confidential?

Yes, in keeping with applicable laws, regulations and Razer’s internal policies on confidentiality and data protection.

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