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    Chroma Integrated Effects
    • Effect colours are dependent on the Overlay’s colour scheme.
    • Effects are triggered upon activation of an Alert.
    • All Chroma devices (including ChromaLink supported devices) Displays a wave effect twice, sweeping from the left to the right of all devices.

    Getting Started
    • Login to website and link your account to your streaming and broadcasting platforms (e.g. Twitch and XSplit)
    • On the main page, click “Overlays” under the Create tab.
    • Click on the Add Overlay button to start editing your overlay interface.
    • Click on the “Settings” button represented by a gear icon and navigate to the “Third Party Apps” section, then enable “Razer Chroma” option.
    • Once enabled, on the overlay editor page, click “add widget” and create an alert widget featuring any of the alerts.
      • The Chroma effects will be triggered upon the activation of any alerts seen within the options available under the alert tab.
    • Save your overlay settings and test it out.
    • You are now ready to take your gaming experience a level higher with and Razer Chroma. Game On.
Supported Products