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Chroma Workshop - RGS Cyber Week
Posted: 30 Nov 2018
From this Black Friday for a week, the Razer Game Store is amping up its selection of Razer Exclusives! Every day during Cyber Week will feature 10 sweet game deals with exclusive perks (instead of the usual 4). With the purchase of each of Razer Exclusive is included:
  • A $10 voucher on your next purchase on the Razer Game Store
  • Boosted zSilver earnings
  • $10 off any hardware on the

We have included Razer Chroma games in our Cyber week deals like Rise of the Tomb Raider, Doom, Deus Ex: Mankind, the Elder Scrolls: Online, Seven the days long Gone and many more.

Check it out on:

The Razer Game Store Cyber Week Deals will run from the 23rd until the 30th November.
All Razer Chroma-enabled devices are accompanied by an open SDK that allows developers to create amazing experiences with the multitude of lighting options available on these award-winning devices.
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