Atlas Reactor
It’s always your turn in Atlas Reactor, the upcoming Team Tactics game from Trion Worlds. Simultaneous turns breed fast-paced action in this battle for the last Reactor on the planet!

Atlas Reactor offers basic support for Razer Chroma keyboard, keypad, mouse, mousepad, and headset devices. As you move through the various play phases , the colors on your Chroma devices change to match the phase. In addition, Atlas Reactor has more advanced support for Razer Chroma keyboard devices: During the Decision phase , the ability hotkeys are lit based on their associated phase, and are unlit if the ability is on cooldown or not currently usable. Movement keys are also lit in their own movement colors. Finally, experience an enhanced tutorial with Chroma color used to illustrate the correct keys.
Trion World
Game Effects
    Decision Phase
    • WASD are lit in blue
    • Number keys (1 through 8) are lit based on the phase of the associated ability (and dark, if the ability is not available)

    Resolution Phase
    • Everything is lit based on the color of the phase - green for prep, yellow for dash, red for blast, and blue for movement

    • Highlight the one key you should be pressing at various points in time