Aven Colony
Build a new home for humanity in Aven Colony. Discover Aven Prime - an alien planet of deserts, tundras, and wetlands light years from earth. Build your colonies into massive, sprawling cities whilst dealing with the challenges faced when settling on a new world.
Team 17
Team 17
Sandbox, Single Player
Game Effects
    "- All of the LEDs fade between two different colors in every season. Those colors change per-season - so, for example, winter is two different shades of blue, Summer shimmers between green and yellow etc. - We highlight the movement keys in white (it was the only color that would stand out no matter what season you're in). So if WSAD and the cursors are bound to movement, those keys are lit up. - We also highlight the overlay mode keys in a different color - players will be using the overlays extensively and so we wanted to highlight those keys - Whenever something bad happens in the game, all of the LEDs will flash red and then fade to black over 1 second, and then they'll change back to their regular colors - When you're in the main menu (or just loading the game), all of the LEDs are set to ""breathing"" which slowly fades between two random colors. "