Battlerite Royale
Explore the fantastical Talon Island in a thrilling fusion between a MOBA and Battle Royale game. Choose your Champion and master their unique abilities, loot for treasures alone or with a friend, and rise above the competition in a top-down action-fest. Only the best survive to the end!
Stunlock Studios
Stunlock Studios
Action, Massively Multiplayer, Battle Royale, Ambient
Game Effects
    Base Color:
    • All keys are lit in the color of Battlerite's logo.

    Active Key lighting:
    • WASD keys are lit in red.
    • All ability buttons (def: Space, Q, E, R and F) is lit dependent on the state of the ability
    • Green if you can cast it.
    • Red if the ability is on cooldown.
    • Orange if the player don't have enough energy to cast it.
    • Unlit when the ability has not been picked up.

    Status effects:
    • When the character is stunned, petrified or affected by any 'CC' effects. The whole keyboard will be lit in the color associated with the 'CC' effect, such as blue for stun and red for incapacitated.

    Dropping into battle:
    • When flying in and about to drop, the keyboard will have white slow "flickering" effect. The "flickering" effect will start to wave down to reflect clouds flying by.

    Victory Royale:
  • Rainbow wave effect will play on the keyboard.

  • Mouse:
  • The side strips will fill up in orange from bottom to top as the character gains energy, and starts to "breath" orange when 100% energy is reached.

  • Headphones:and Mousepad
  • Devices will show green when the player have full health and seamlessly go over to red as the health drains. It will "breath" red when the player is dead.

  • Chromalink:
  • The default effect is the same as the keyboard default, it shows white when you are falling and red when you have low health. It also plays a rainbow cycle during a Victory royale.