Divinity: Original Sin 2
The eagerly anticipated sequel to the award-winning RPG. Gather your party. Master deep, tactical combat. Join up to 3 other players - but know that only one of you will have the chance to become a God.
Larian Studios
Larian Studios
Adventure, RPG, Strategy
Game Effects
    Loading Screen:
  • Keyboard will reflect the progress of the loading screen with a red progressive static illumination starting from the left of the keyboard.
  • Mouse and the keypad will alternate between the fall and uprising red effect.
  • Headset will have a breathing red effect.
  • Mouse mat and the Chroma Link will have a cycling effect.

  • Preparing and Casting a spell:
  • The color for the devices will be the same as the school type of the spell (yellow if Polymorph skill, red if Warfare…).
  • All the effects will loop while preparing the spell, then it will end their animation when the spell is cast.
  • The keyboard and keypad will have a ripple effect.
  • The mouse will have a counter-clockwise cycling effect, the mouse mat will have a clock cycling effect and Chroma Link will cycle from left to right.
  • The headset will fade from black to the spell colour.

  • Death:
  • When the player’s controlled character dies, all the devices will fade from red to unlit to imitate the life leaving the character’s body.

  • Dialogue:
  • When a player enters in a dialog sequences, the keyboard will lit only the keys associated to the answers he can choose.
    • Example: If the player has only three choices, the only lit keys will be 1, 2 and 3.

  • Quest Completion/ Levelling up:
  • When a quest is completed, all the devices will play a green uprising effect.
  • And if the player levels up, it will do a gold uprising effect on all devices.

  • Saving:
  • When a save is successfully done (manually, quick save or auto save), all the devices will blink in blue.
  • Otherwise, the devices will blink in red.

  • Critical Attack:
  • In the case of a critical attack (backstab included), all the devices will flash in white.

  • Enemy Killed:
  • When an enemy is killed, the devices will play a blue uprising effect.

  • Sneaking mode:
  • When the controlled character is in sneak mode, all the device will imitate a red heartbeat effect.
  • However, if the player is spotted, all devices will blink in red.

  • Crafting:
  • When the player crafts an item, all the devices will match the crafting progression bar.

  • Statuses effects:
  • When the controlled player has an effect, the devices will adapt to the effect.
  • In case of multiple effects, the effect with the higher priority will be shown.
  • This is the list of effects who will have an impact on the Chroma devices (in order of priority):
    • Blinded: The devices will be unlit
    • Knocked down: The devices will be red
    • Stunned: The devices will be as the same colour as Aerotheurge school (light purple)
    • Petrified: The devices will be as the same colour as Geomancer school (brown)
    • Frozen: The devices will be as the same colour as Hydrosophist school (light blue)
    • Terrified: The devices will be purple
    • Charmed: The devices will do a pink breathing effect
    • Possessed: The devices will do a purple breathing effect
    • Drunk: The devices will flash in random colours