Dropzone is an all-new strategy gaming experience developed by Sparkypants Studios, which includes some of the creators behind the critically acclaimed, award-winning hits such as Rise of Nations, Rise of Legends, and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

Created by a team of veteran strategy game developers, Dropzone combines core RTS elements of strategy, map awareness and attention management with key MOBA mechanics like tactical positioning, unique abilities and in-game leveling. The result is intense white-knuckle gameplay with endless depth.
Sparkypants Studios
Sparkypants Studios
RTS, MOBA, Indie, Multiplayer
Game Effects
  • Gameplay keys are appropriately lit, and will adapt if the player customizes their key layout in the game.
  • Support colorizing rig selection hotkeys (1,2,3,4) based on current hit points
  • Support flashing a rig selection key (1,2,3,4) when the rig is idle
  • Support colorizing ability hotkeys (Q,W,E,R) based on the currently selected rig’s cooldown state
  • Support a lighting zone that is only active (colorized) when in observer/playback mode. While in this mode hide the Abilities, Orders, and Communication group.