Final Fantasy XV
Take the journey, now in ultimate quality. Boasting a wealth of bonus content and supporting ultra high-resolution graphical options and HDR 10, you can now enjoy the beautiful and carefully-crafted experience of FINAL FANTASY XV like never before.
Square Enix
Square Enix
Single Player, Action, Adventure,
Game Effects
    • WASD, E, BackSpace keys illuminated in white while in menu
    • Keyboard flashes red when HP of player character reached to 0 (2 sec interval)
    • Keyboard flashes green when player character get HP healed (1 sec)
    • Keyboard flashes blue when player character get MP healed (1 sec)
    • Keyboard flashes red when player character attacked (1 sec)
    • Keyboard flashes orange when damage monsters in effective attributes (1 sec)
    • Keyboard flashes purple when damage monsters in resistance attributes (1 sec)
    • Keyboard flashes yellow when damage monsters in critical hit (1 sec)