A MOBA, a third-person shooter, an unforgettable experience, GIGANTIC is hardcore five-on-five PvP action for skilled gamers. CHOOSE from a huge roster of unique heroes, each with fantastical spells, weapons, and abilities. FIGHT against enemy teams, summoning incredible creatures to combat the foe. Race to POWER UP your team’s Guardian before your enemy beats you to the five-story high punch. Fully powered Guardians GO GIGANTIC and help take out the enemy. Prove you have what it takes to ensure your Guardian rules the day.
Perfect World Entertainment
MOBA, Free to Play, Multiplayer
Game Effects
  • Skill hotkey availability (available/cooldown)
    • Steady when available, slowly flashing when on cooldown.

  • Hotkey binds:
    • Always steady.

    • Move Forward/Back/Left/Right.
    • Sprint modifier.
    • Jump.

  • Health Meter (F1-F4)
    • Each key represents 25% health.
    • Low health warning: Below 25% health, flash empty health meter keys red. (F2-F4)

  • Stamina Meter (F5-F8)

  • Focus Meter (F9-F12)
    • Steady while filling, flashes all keys when full.

  • Level up
    • Pulse across all lights on keyboard from outer edges to the hotkey for upgrading, then upgrade hotkey flashes.
    • When no skill points remain, this key no longer flashes.

  • Guardian Rampage
    • Flash all unused lights on your keyboard yellow 3x when Guardian reaches 100% power and starts a rampage.

  • Creature Summoning
    • When standing on a summoning circle and you can summon a creature there, flash creature summon keys.
    • When standing on a summoning circle and you can collect a power orb, flash orb collection key.