GoatPunks is a multiplayer action game pitting your goat against other players in a battle to become king of the mountain. Fight through an onslaught of bombs, obstacles and each other to climb to the top of 9 uniquely themed mountains each offering distinct challenges. Once up there, stay on top of the competition for 30 hectic seconds to claim victory.
Studio Canvas
Studio Canvas
Multiplayer, Local Multiplayer, Indie, Action
Game Effects
  • WASD and directional key color matching for different players, with buttons highlighted to show enabled keys.
  • Explosion keyboard effects when player is hit or stunned. Explosion effect is also used for the end of the match like fireworks.
  • Top function key row is illuminated in the color of the player on top indicating who is the current king of the hill.
  • The top number keys count down as the match get closer to finish.