Mars or Die!
Control two characters simultaneously! Survive, gather, collect upgrades, fight all sizes of one-eyed Martians, build defensible outposts and conquer Mars, in this glorious mix between roguelite and tower defense.
34BigThings srl
34BigThings srl
Action, Indie, Strategy, Ambient, Single Player
Game Effects
    Menu Base Effect
  • Orange "Breathing" effect across all devices.

  • Dialogue
  • Green Rain effects during dialogues.
  • Phases
  • "Wave" effect each time a wave attack starts.
  • Rainbow Rain effect on mission complete.

  • Warnings
  • Red flash when damage is taken by player.
  • Red Wave when your Oxygen is running out.

  • Building
  • Double "Wave" effect upon Structure Deployment.

  • Active Keys
  • During normal play, you get highlighted colors for the keys you can use in-game.
  • Numpad (when available) shows the character you are controlling.