Seven: The Days Long Gone
Seven: The Days Long Gone is an open-world, isometric role-playing game, in which you play as Teriel, a master thief sent on a mission that will shake the foundations of the Vetrall Empire. Free roam across the vibrant prison island of Peh, and choose whether to help or exploit its many citizens.
IMGN.PRO, Fool's Theory
Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Game Effects
    "All the Note: Razer devices have to be switched on in Options of the game first for the Razer Chroma integrated effects to initialize.

    • While receiving damage - onetime ""flash""
    • While crouching
    • While going into sense mode
    • While receiving status burning/electrocuted/poisoned - longer animations
    • In panels and minigames highlighting certain keys that are functional for this event
    • Razer Weapon: charge loop, attack loop, chakram return loop, enemy hit.