Shroud of the Avatar
Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues is a new type of third person fantasy RPG that combines a single player narrative with a sandbox MMO. It is being created by a team that includes:Richard “Lord British” Garriott the creator of the Ultima series, Starr Long the original Director of Ultima Online, and Tracy Hickman the author of the beloved Dragonlance Novels and Dungeons & Dragons modules.

Episodic Content: Shroud of the Avatar will consist of five episodes that will tell a series of virtue based stories created by Richard Garriott and Tracy Hickman. All supported by a series of prequel novels starting with Blade of the Avatar.

Single Player Offline Mode: Players will adventure through over 40 hours of story in an interactive world where their choices have consequences, ethical paradoxes give them pause, and they play a vital part in weaving their own story into the immersive world and lore surrounding them.

Selective Multiplayer Modes: If you want to go through the story online you can play with everyone in a single world with three different online modes (Single Player, Friends Only, and Open).

Classless Character System: Vast customization options with hundreds of skills and spells in over 20 different skill trees.

Skillful Combat: A new way to prepare and fight in an RPG by building custom decks of skills and dynamically activating them in combat.

PVP: Consensual with Open PVP flags, zones, and Guild Warfare.

Player Housing: Non instanced, finite, and embedded in the world with multiple group living options.

Player Driven Economy: Deep crafting system where the best items are made by players and player items are the main source of loot found in the game.

Pay Once to Play: No subscription fees. Each episode (released approximately annually) is a one time fee and everything in the game can be purchased with in game gold that can be earned (except for some exclusive backer rewards).

Social: Full Guild System, Highly Act
MMORPG, Multiplayer
Game Effects
    Chroma Integration: All Razer Chroma devices are fully integrated into Shroud of the Avatar including the game state (health), combat (combos), and hints.
    • White = non-combat mode
    • Blue = NPC Convo Mode and Crafting
    • Green = Combat mode full health
    • Yellow = Combat mode taking damage
    • Red = Combat mode, near death
    • No lights = Dead
    • Dancing = flashing colors
    • Combos = corresponding numbers light up of spells that can be combined together (only on keyboards)
    • Hints = corresponding keys related to the system light up to teach players which keys do what (only on keyboards)