As a smuggler, your hovercraft is your life. Customize your hovercraft to fit your needs and traverse the dangerous SideWays to increase your reputation. Evade the authorities and aid the many inhabitants of Dirahl to prove you’re the best smuggler around.
Happy Badger Studio
Happy Badger Studio
Single Player, Multiplayer, Racing, Indie
Game Effects
  • Automatically set on game load.
    • Base SmuggleCraft color theme. (All peripherals and Chroma Link).
    • 5 different color themes for each time of day in game. (All peripherals and Chroma Link).

  • When HP is below 25%
    • Ship HP Critical Animation (All peripherals and Chroma Link).

  • When a player collides with a boost orb/checkpoint
    • Energy Pulse Animation (Keyboards Only).

  • When a player is being chased by police
    • Police Lights Animation (All peripherals and Chroma Link).

  • Crossing the finish line
    • Finish Line Animation (Keyboards Only).

  • During weather in game.
    • Small Rain Animation (Keyboards Only).
    • Small SandStorm Animation (Keyboards Only).