Super Inefficient Golf
Super Inefficient Golf builds on top of the most inefficient game ever conceived by making it even LESS efficient. Drop your silly golf stick and start using exploding mines to guide your ball! Place them, choose the right timing, and BOOM - Birdie!
34BigThing srl
34BigThing srl
Casual, Indie, Sports
Game Effects
    • On startup, a pulsing white glow is observed on all devices.
    • When mines are detonated, all devices glow in the colour of the detonated mine.
    • When golf ball collides into an obstacle at high speeds, a scrambled rainbow effect in played to simulate concussion and shock.
    • When the player scores, random strips of orange lights rises from the bottom of the keyboard. ChromaLink devices, mouse and mousepad cycles an orange effect, while the headphones displays a static orange glow.

    • Number keys 1-4 are lit in the colours with respect to the colours of the mines bound to each key and becomes unlit once there the mines have run dry.
    • White ripple effect originating from the space bar is displayed throughout the courses.
    • When mines are detonated, ripple effects of the mine’s colours is produced from the bound keys for the bombs.