Big sounds can come in small packages. Meet the Razer Seiren Mini—an ultra-compact condenser mic that's the perfect fit for professional grade-audio with any streaming or video call setup.
The Seiren Mini is a great entry level microphone, outperforming the sound quality of other popular competitors.
It’s amazing I love how it’s small and doesn’t get in the way of anything. The quality is perfect!
With all the features of a full-sized mic like background noise filtering, it's perfect streams and also compact enough to travel with!


Because this compact condenser mic is tuned with a tighter pickup angle, it can focus on your voice and has better ambient noise reduction—ensuring that background sounds like typing and mouse clicks are minimized.


Tighter pattern at the sides and back reduces background noise and focuses sound from the front.


More sound from the sides as a result of larger pattern


A flatter frequency response curve means a more balanced and accurate sound
With its 14mm condenser capsule and flat frequency response, the mic can create a more accurate reproduction of your voice—broadcasting with stellar clarity that’s filled with crisp highs and deep lows. Hear it for yourself:
Razer Seiren Mini
Microphone S
Microphone Y
The Razer Seiren Mini has a warmer, balanced sound and picks up less background noise compared to the identically priced Microphone S. Compared to the more expensive Microphone Y, the Razer Seiren Mini is comparable in sound quality with balanced amounts of highs and lows.


Made for minimalist or smaller setups, this compact condenser mic barely takes up any desk space and is discreet on camera so that the focus is always on you. It’s also easy to bring along if you need to take your streaming or work elsewhere.


The mic is attached to a stable support that can be angled to find the perfect sweetspot for your voice. It can also be detached and mounted on a boom arm or mic stand that uses a standard 5/8-inch thread.


When accidental knocks and bumps happen, the Razer Seiren Mini’s built-in shock mount dampens these vibrations to help protect your stream or colleagues’ ears against sound anomalies.


Within seconds of plugging it into a USB port, the Razer Seiren Mini is good to go. Simply set its volume level via the streaming or voice chat software you're using, and let your voice do the rest.


Classic Black | Quartz Pink | Mercury White


  1. At a Glance
    • Ultra-precise supercardioid pickup pattern that reduces unwanted noise
    • Professional Recording Quality for crystal clear vocals
    • Ultra-compact and portable for smaller setups and streamers on the go
    • Heavy-duty tilting stand for stable and optimal mic positioning
    • Built-in shockmount to dampen vibrations
  2. Microphone specifications
    • Power required / consumption: 5V 500mA (USB)
    • Sample rate: min 44.1kHz / max 48kHz
    • Bit rate: 16bit
    • Capsules: Ø14mm condenser capsule
    • Polar patterns: Supercardioid
    • Frequency response: 20Hz–20kHz
    • Sensitivity: 17.8mV/Pa (at 1kHz)
    • Max SPL: 110dB (THD > 1% at 1kHz)
  3. System Requirements
    • Windows 7,8, 10
    • Mac OS 10.8 onwards
    • Sony PS4
    • Compatible with Open Broadcaster Software and Xsplit
  4. Package Contents
    • 1 x Razer Seiren Mini
    • 1 x Support rod
    • 1 x Desk stand base
    • 1 x Micro USB to USB cable
    • 1 x Important Product Information Guide


  • How do I adjust volume on the Razer Seiren Mini?

    You can adjust the volume in the Microphone Properties menu in your Sound settings, or in the mic volume settings of your streaming software (ie OBS, XSplit) or teleconferencing software (ie Zoom, Microsoft Teams)

  • Does the microphone work with a boom arm?

    Yes, you can unscrew the capsule from its stand and attach it to a boom arm with a 5/8 inch thread. We recommend these boom arms: Rode PSA1

  • Is Razer Synapse required to use the Razer Seiren Mini?

    No, the Razer Seiren Mini works right out of the box without Razer Synapse. Just plug in, specify it in the microphone settings of your streaming or teleconferencing software, and you’re good to go.