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Speed-type Surfaces

Razer mouse mats that are Speed-type are incredibly smooth and flat, so it feels like your mouse is slipping quickly across the entire surface with zero hindrance. Speed-type mats suit gamers  who need to hit targets faster and more efficiently.



Our Speed-type Surfaces

Razer Goliathus e-Sports Edition - Team Liquid

The Team Liquid Razer Goliathus Esports edition is engineered to the exacting demands of the team, emblazoned with their highly prominent blue horse logo, and framed with an anti-fraying stitching for extended durability. Its slick speed-enhancing surface blends high acceleration with razor-sharp responsiveness to give the fearsome pro-gamers of Team Liquid and you the fastest, smoothest glide to boost APM, amass an army, and take the competition down for the win.

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Razer Goliathus e-Sports Edition – Counter Logic Gaming

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