Wherever the battle’s at in Overwatch, support is just a song away. Bring the noise and get into the groove with our exclusive set of high-performance peripherals inspired by Lúcio—the Brazilian DJ and freedom fighter out to change the world for the better, through his music and actions.


Boost your gameplay by pairing your mouse with a slick, micro-textured cloth surface woven for speed and precision—a reflection of the iconic skates Lúcio cruises around the map on.


This mouse mat has an anti-slip rubber base that keeps it firmly planted to your table, especially useful for Overwatch players with low mouse sensitivities who need to make larger swipes.

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If you’re looking for more Lúcio, we've got another sweet piece of gear to go with this headset.
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Tech Specs

At a Glance

  • Micro-textured cloth surface
  • Anti-fraying stitched frame
  • Anti-slip rubber base

Tech Specs

  • Slick, taut weave for speedy mouse movements
  • Pixel-precise targeting and tracking
  • Optimized for all mouse sensitivities and sensors
  • Highly portable cloth-based design
  • Anti-fraying stitched frame
  • Anti-slip rubber base
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