As lightweight gaming mice, these predators achieve their iconic agility while opting for a solid chassis—refusing to trade off structural integrity for less weight, unlike weaker honeycomb designs. With ambidextrous form factors, the Viper Mini is ideal for small to medium hand sizes, while the Viper and Viper Ultimate cater to medium to large hand sizes.

With all three of them geared for maximum pace and performance, let’s take a look at what differs between each Viper, so that you can find the right one that’s more your speed.

base characteristics

Lightweight & Durable

Ambidextrous shape for left and right-handed gamers

Recommended for Claw or Fingertip Grip


rAZER viper

rAZER viper

Designed for Esports athletes.
By Esports athletes.
Working with Team Razer’s finest, every component of this wired variant is purposefully designed to meet the rigorous demands of top-tier competitive gameplay.

rAZER viper ultimate

rAZER viper ultimate

Unleashed and upgraded for
ultimate competitive play.
Our best-in-class wireless variant created for those who always need to be at the top of their game—fitted with our most advanced technological innovations.

razer viper mini

razer viper mini

has never hit this hard.
A smaller wired variant with massive performance—including optical switches, a more flexible cable and Razer Chroma™ RGB underglow to top it all off.


Razer Viper Razer Viper Ultimate Razer Viper Mini
Recommended for medium to large hand sizes Recommended for medium to large hand sizes Recommended for small to medium hand sizes
Lightweight Design Lightweight Design 61g Ultra-Lightweight Design
Razer Chroma™ RGB - Logo only Razer Chroma™ RGB - Logo only Razer Chroma™ RGB Underglow and Logo
Razer™ Speedflex Cable Razer HyperSpeed Wireless / Razer™ Speedflex Cable Razer™ Speedflex Cable
8 programmable buttons 8 programmable buttons 6 programmable buttons
Razer™ 5G 16,000 DPI Optical Sensor Razer™ Focus+ 20,000 DPI Optical Sensor 8,500 DPI Optical Sensor
On-board memory profile Advanced on-board memory (up to 5 profiles) On-board memory profile
N/A Razer™ Mouse Dock (Optional) N/A

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