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  1. What has improved with the Razer Supported Streamer Program since it first launched?

  2. We’ve streamlined the application process to provide a faster assessment time enabling us to get back to you sooner and at the same time allow us to focus on running more programs to boost your stream to your viewers.

  3. I applied to the Supported Streamer Program a few weeks ago but I didn’t get a reply and am unsure of the tier I’m in, what should I do?

  4. If you’ve not received a confirmation email to your application, please submit your application again at // You should expect a reply within 7 – 10 business days from date of application notifying you of the tier you’re in and the codes you’re eligible for.

  5. Why is the program only applicable for residents of selected countries?

  6. Thank you for your support of the Supported Streamer Program. While we are trying to reach all our customers and fans in every corner of the world, security and warranty issues on our RazerStore prevent us from doing so at this point. Do keep a look out for your country to be listed on our supported streamer page.

  7. I am already accepted into Level 2 – Affiliates program and am already streaming with the provided Razer Seirēn, will anything change for me and when will I get my free headset?

  8. Nothing has changed and we’re in the midst of sending out your headset and will update you once we have a concrete shipping date, this revamp of the program will allow applicants like yourself get a speedier response to your entitlement.

  9. I have accepted the Terms and Condition of the Level 2 – Affiliates program sponsorship but yet to hear anything back from the administrator, how do I proceed from here?

  10. If you haven’t heard back from the administrator, it’s probably due to the amount of queries we get on a daily basis, please resubmit your application through the revamped supported streamer page at // You should expect a reply within 7 – 10 business days from date of application with the tier you’re in and the codes you’re eligible for.

  11. Do you provide review / loaner units?

  12. Unfortunately our allocation for review / loaner units are extremely limited as such we are unable to provide them outside of press relations.

  13. What are the requirements to be sponsored?

  14. There are plenty of factors to the assessment of whether an individual is right for the program - size of channel and view counts may be one, but things like type of, style of and tone of content matters as much too. We suggest the best way to go about this is to actually apply for the program.

  15. How do I go up from Level 1 to Level 2, or Level 2 to Level 3 Membership?

  16. We are excited to learn if current members have had major growth to their subscription or follower counts in the time they have been a part of the Supported Streamer Program. The best way to inform us of this is to reapply to the program. The mechanical design of the form makes it very easy to re-qualify you to the right level.

The Razer Supported Streamer Program is only applicable for residents of the following countries.

The program is undergoing changes to help you with your streaming needs better. Please check back in again soon.

Offer is valid with a minimum purchase of US$99. Expires on .