The Razer™ Switchblade Concept is a breakthrough portable gaming device design that allows gamers to play on the go without giving up the precision and control ordinarily possible on a desktop gaming system. The Razer™ Switchblade was conceptualized and designed by the Razer design team and incorporates an ultra-sensitive multi-touch screen with a innovative tactile dynamic keyboard that adapts and changes on the fly with the games being played.

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Q: Is there an online demonstration of the Razer™ Switchblade in action?

A: Yes - just watch the video here.

Q: When and where can I buy the Razer™ Switchblade?

A: The Razer™ Switchblade is a concept design (think of it like a concept car) and will not be made available for purchase - yet. Razer will be working with selected partners to design and launch products based off the Razer™ Switchblade concept design. We will be announcing more information shortly so sign up on the registration page to get the news first.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: See above.

Q: Can I see working units of the Razer™ Switchblade concept design in action?

A: You can see working units at the Razer booth at CES - South Hall 3 #30754. If you are a member of the press and would like to schedule for a hands on session, please email .

Q: How big is the Razer™ Switchblade?

A: 172mm x 115mm x 25 mm , although pictures speak louder than words, so check out the gallery.

Q: Does the Razer™ Switchblade have an internet connection?

A: Yes, both WiFi and 3G are available on the Razer™ Switchblade.

Q: Can I play any game genres on the Razer™ Switchblade?

A: Yes, the Razer™ Switchblade is conceptualized to cater to all game genres. The combination of the new dynamic tactile keyboard, a multi-touch-screen and, if required, a mobile gaming mouse, allows for the full desktop pc gaming experience and more.

Q: What OS does the Razer™ Switchblade run?

A: Windows 7.

Q: What ports come on a Razer™ Switchblade?

A: MINI HDMI, USB3.0, Standard Headphone and Mic ports.

Q: How do you setup a game for the Razer™ Switchblade?

A: The patent pending Razer software will allow you to build custom profiles for your favorite games or download them from our site pre-built for popular titles.  Just populate the template designs with your favorite art and assign the keys or macros of your choice.  Animated keys as well as static keys will be supported.

Q: Isn't Razer a gaming peripherals company? How did Razer design the Razer™ Switchblade concept design?

A: About 2 years ago, Razer made a secret acquisition of the engineering team of a global award winning ultra mobile handheld brand where the key lead engineers, who used to be from companies such as Apple, HP, Dell, joined Razer. The team has been working in the design labs of Razer in stealth mode for the past 2 years focused on the Razer™ Switchblade concept design to bring it to life as well as working on other skunk works design projects for the company. Razer isn't just a gaming user interface specialist company - Razer is the world's leading gaming hardware brand.

Q: I thought Razer used predatory animals for the names of its products - why Switchblade?

A: The Razer™ Switchblade is a concept design and Switchblade is the codename for the project and not a product.

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