The Razer™ Switchblade is the result of combining Razer's cutting edge design and experience in gaming, with Intel's superior computing technology to create an all-new experience in portable gaming.

Powered by the Intel® Atom™ processor, the Razer™ Switchblade is armed and ready; all your favorite PC games right at your fingertips. It also optimized your web browsing, office productivity, and media playback experience to be smooth and power efficient.

"PC Gaming continues to attract innovation with rich 3-D graphics, high definition video, and life-like animation," said Brad Graff, director of gaming platforms for Intel's Ultra Mobility Group. "The Intel® Atom™ processor, combined with Razer's expertise in bringing gaming solutions to market, will help make it possible for consumers to have a powerful gaming experience in mobile devices."

The Intel Atom processor, designed for small form factor computing, is built on x86 architecture, making it capable of running PC games and applications.

And with this newest incarnation of the Atom, Intel has made strides to modify the architecture to significantly increase the speed of the integrated graphics engine and enhance video performance, making it the best solution for gaming on the go. Experience this, with the Razer™ Switchblade.

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